Response to Mustang-cam

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first video on You Tube, called 'Mustang-Cam'. I had connected a camera on the back of my remote control Ford Mustang model, and shot the video while I took the car for a ride through my home. A few days ago, some guys from America, seeing my video, decided to make their own version of 'Mustang-Cam'. They've made the video as a video response to my one! The video's description runs, "Here's our Mustang Cam and it's been engineered to beat your Mustang cam. It's team USA vs. the Bangledeshians" !! Haha. Well they've done a good job because they've got themselves a fast car, and a good camera. But they've lagged behind in the style department. They took off the upper portion of the car (I don't understand why), took another car, rubber-banded a handy-cam on top of it, and hooked it up behind the remote control car. Instead of giving a cool third person NFS-like view as in my video, they've ended up displaying a car which looks more like a robot. In the video they run their car through their auto workshop. Click here to read what they've written about their project. And at the end of the video, one of them picks up the car and says, "Take that Asif" to the camera! Hehe. Well, I'll take that as a positive gesture. You can check out their video here:


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