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Friend Wanted

Friend. Isn't that someone who's supposed to cry for your sorrow, rejoice for your happiness? Isn't that someone who would share the same views with you? You probably have a lot of friends then, who you can share your life with. There is always some chief goal in your life, a chief concern or target. A subject that drives your thoughts and guides your life. To some it's music, to some it's politics, or to some it's love for a 'special person' etc. This is the center point around which one's life and thoughts rotate. A friend is someone who you share these feelings with. I see most of the friend circles sitting and chatting about music and movies, or gossiping about their love lives, discussing what their loved ones said to them last night, or how they looked. So they have a common center point around which they themselves move and they share it with each other, so they are friends. Now, in this generation, if your center point of life is Islam, you&#