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About the days of the break and the new site

I'm spending this semester break mostly in front of my PC. A few weeks ago I updated my personal website, giving it a much simpler look than before. I had to create the banner and title bars for the site in Photoshop and Flash. Click here to check out the site in its new look. Then I started working with a whole new site. Bhaia's got some cool models of cars and bikes, I took some pictures of those before. This new site is based on those photos, and I also took some new photos. I did put quite a lot of effort to this site. First of all I created the banner, and then the buttons. I also used photoshop to put the pictures in frames. And I gave attention to making the site organized and well navigable. I hope I was able to do that. Check out the new site , and tell me what you think. Add your comment in the site's guestbook. My classes are supposed to start from the first week of November. So, a few more days left to enjoy, and after that, back to those back-breaking days of