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Pods & Pages [#10]: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday [Book Rec]

This book is one of my absolute favorites. Unlock the power of Stoic wisdom, one page at a time. This beautifully packaged daily devotional is your gateway into the profound world of Stoic philosophy.

Pods & Pages [#9]: What Vision Loss Helped Andrew Leland Gain [Podcast Rec]

Discover a truly inspiring story in this podcast episode featuring Andrew Leland. As a teenager, Andrew was diagnosed with a condition that gradually diminished his vision. However, instead of letting this challenge narrow his view of life, he's expanded his horizons in incredible ways.  In this engaging conversation, Andrew not only delves into the profound life lessons he's gained through his transition into blindness but also provides invaluable insights into the rich culture of blindness and disability. You'll be moved by his perspective on navigating change and find yourself drawn into a world where accessibility practices are infused with joy and humor. Andrew Leland, a gifted writer, teacher, and audio producer, shares his experiences and wisdom, offering a unique and eye-opening take on what it means to embrace life's twists and turns. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode that will challenge your perceptions and leave you with a profound sense of the bo

Be Better [Mindful Moments #1]

Perfection is not the goal. Being perfect is almost impossible, and it depends on so many external factors. But what you can actually try to be is …. better. Better than yesterday. Better than last month. Better than last year. Better than last semester. Better than your last job. No matter by how much, just strive to improve, just a little bit, bit by bit.