Cable Management

Too long have I been disgusted by the horrible tangle of cables on the back of my PC desk. Can't blame the cables though, as I have to connect my monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, 2 printers, scanner, USB hub and the power cables. The cables seem to have a spontaneous tendency to entangle themselves together. The intricately tangled cables gave a disturbing view even from the front of the desk. I've been waiting for a chance to dig in and sort out the cables permanently. It's been one of my targets after the exams have finished, and yesterday I took the courage to carry out the job.
It took me quite some time just to free the cables from their love-bonds. As the wires remained in this state for a long time now, the floor has also been inaccessible for cleaning. As a result, I found myself having to clean a bit of a pile of dust and other annoying dirty stuff that I can't categorize. While cleaning I was feeling a bit like Mike Rowe of
Dirty Jobs, hehe.
I used some cable clips (used for wiring on walls), nails and some tape to bring the untidy cables back to order. Using the clips and the nails, I've managed to stop them from hanging down, and used the tapes to tie up the unused length of the wires, and tying up several of them together. Similar procedure went for the power cables as well. After 4 grueling hours of work, I was pretty satisfied with what I've done (also got myself a back-pain). Now the cables are looking pretty pleasing, nicely arranged on the back of the desk. Gone are the visually itching tangles, which have been bugging me for so long. Yet another successful project in my one month break!


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