Grapes in Our Garden

My father has an attraction for gardening, and since coming to Uttara, driven by his enthusiasm for it and with the help of a gardener, he has utilized our roof and some portion of land on the front of our house to grow all sorts of flowers, fruits and vegetables, all thanks to The Almighty Allah. The latest addition to the wide array of stuff that our garden has produced, are grapes! I don't know much about gardening, but I know that growing grapes is not an easy thing to do. But Allah's bounty seems to be abundant for my Dad's garden, and now quite a lot of grapes are growing and they seem pretty healthy. I took some high resolution photos of the garden yesterday which you can take a look at. This is not the season for flowers, but you can see some photos previously taken of the beautiful flowers which grew in the proper season, although not so high quality.

Click on the images to see more.


  1. Dear Asif,
    Your father grape look very nice.How about grape berry size when it ripen, big or small?
    Any posibility to send me the grape cane cutting.


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