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"How did he die?"

It's really given me big jolt. One of my dear friends back in UTM, Malaysia, and Deeni bro, Abdur Rahman from Gaza passed away last night. He was one of the most selfless characters I've seen among my friends. He's the kind of a guy you would call in any need, any time of the day, any day of the year. He'd be there for you. The kind of a person with a perpetual smile on his face; a companion in all the jokes and jibes friends throw at each other. It's really hard to find such an active, selfless and joyful bro like him. He was about 30 I guess. I think I know what you're thinking. 'How did he die?' . Yeah, that's what everyone thinks of when he hears of someone else's death. So if I answer that he died in the sea, pulled away from the strong arms of his dearest friends completely out of sight for hours, only to be found floating on the surface the next morning, we feel like 'oh yeah that's why he died' . As if he wouldn't die if h