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Students on strike

The students of AUST are on strike for the last 2 weeks demanding the shifting of the university to the new campus and 21 other points (that's a lot, to be fair). Well, the demands are logical. Important points include improvement of lab facilities, library and teaching staff. The authority being scared of the revolt turning violent, has declared the institution closed until further notice. There's supposed to be a meeting between the students and the authority today, don't know how it's going. My friends are getting scared of a semester drop, and some are really considering credit transfer. Well, for my part, I'm enjoying my leisure, hehe. Honestly speaking, I never loved studying. If there's a semester drop, I'll welcome it!!

Fupa Passes Away

A few days ago my mejo fupa Mr.Akkas Ali passed away to the world from where no one can return. He was suffering from various diseases for the last 2 years or so. The last days of his life were of great struggle. He was admitted in the CMH (military hospital). May Allah forgive him and make his grave a piece of Jannah. It's been long since any close family member died, actually 32 years long. My grandfather died way before I was born. I've never someone being buried before. I went to burial of fupa. It's an experience like no other. This man was among was a few days ago, he used to talk to us, eat with us, go the mosque. And yet there he was being put down inside a hole in the ground, covered in plain white, by his own sons, and then being buried alive. I don't know how his sons felt, I don't want to know. I imagine how it's possible to leave someone in his grave who used to love us so much, and whom we loved so much as well. Yet, this is life. Once you are born