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A Lively Exchange of Thoughts

As a part the  2023 5th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES FOR INDUSTRY 5.0 (STI 2023)  conference at  Green University of Bangladesh , we recently had an engaging dialogue between some brilliant minds from the fields of technology, industry and academia. Together we explored the realms of technology advancement, local expertise growth, collaboration strategies, sustainability practices, and Bangladesh's trajectory for the next decade. We had the privilege of having with us Prof. Dr.  Khondaker A. Mamun, PhD , a veteran in the fields of technology development, entrepreneurship and academic research; one of the leading AI experts from our own country and founder of  Intelligent Machines ,  Mohammad Oli Ahad ; visionary young industrialist  Golam Murshed ; and industry expert with a vast experience Engr. Md. Selim Reza. The session was chaired by none other than  Prof. Md.G. Samdani Fakir , our former vice chancellor and a legendary figure in education development i