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Mission Bagerhat

Just came back from my three day tour to Bagerhat, my 'Mamabari'. It was great to get out of Dhaka after so long. We (me, my mom, my sis and Hilu Bhai) went last Thursday on the 19th of April and came back yesterday on the 23rd. The stay was great. We started for Khulna in a Volvo Exclusive bus from Dhaka. The bus started at 10:00 in the morning. It stopped at a rest house at Faridpur at noon. We reached Khulna at about 4:00pm and from there headed towards Bagerhat by a rent microbus. We reached our destination at 5:00pm. The journey was pretty pleasant. The bus was really cool and comfortable. The next day me and Hilu Bhai went out on a rickshaw after Fajr. We went to see the 'ghers' of Alap bhai.Those were really nice to look at. We also saw one of the two new bridges built over the Doratana river. The river looked great in the early morning sun. That day there was a party arranged for the occasion of Akika of the newborn son of Golap bhai. Quite a big arrangement

3 Days (Not Nights)

A three day Jamaat went out from our mosque on 13-15 April. Alhamdulillah I joined the work all the three days, although I didn't stay at night. The jamaat went to Masjid e Noor at Malibagh. There's also a Madrasa there. Our Amir for the jamaat was Pinu Bhai. He was really helpful to me all three days ( Pinu bhai if you are reading, Jazakallah). I really enjoyed the time. It must be mentioned that on the third day we went to the Madrasa to talk to the students. It felt really great to be among them, I really felt honored. May Allah give Tawfique to us all to stay on Allah's path.

Cool Air & Cool Bike

Well, this post was long due. Few weeks ago Thanks to Allah my Dad got me an air cooler for my room. It's a split type 1.5 ton unit. It's working real good. And a few days later I got a bicycle! Yeah that's been on my wish list for a long time and finally I got it. The bikes really cool and good looking and Inshallah I'll post a picture soon. So two great additions to my life, Alhamdulillah.

At the beach! (and flying a kite)!!

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk by myself on the nearest beach :)). It's actually a place the government is filling up with sand by dredging to make new residential areas. Well, that's as close to a beach I can get now. Anyway, I stayed there for the whole afternoon after the Asr prayer up to Maghrib. I sat there at the bank of the canal for sometime looking at the setting sun and its reflection on the water ( I thought it would bring out the poet in me but it didn't). I walked in the sand bear feet, and honestly I was enjoying the time with the constant cool breeze. And just before I started on my way back I came across a kid flying a kite, I told him I can't fly a kite, honestly I never tried before, and the boy laughed at me. So I thought I should give it a shot. So I took the string from him and flew a kite for the first time in my life (fireworks in the background please). It's not that hard actually, all I was doing was holding the string. Anyway, inspir