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Missing Eid on Eid Day

I know it's a happy day, and I should be in a joyous mood. But today for some reason, what I'm feeling above it all is how much I miss the Eid days when I was just a kid. Things were so much simple back in that time. Eid was all about having a good time with family and friends. In the neighborhood, going from one friend's place to another in the morning, enjoying the home made mouth watering food cooked by my mom together with my family at lunch. Nothing bothering my mind. Nothing bugging me. Nothing irritating to see and endure. No constant pressure splitting my mind in half. No complications whatsoever. Plain, simple, clean merriment. Why in the world did I have to grow up? Why in the world did everything had to become so much more complicated these days? I wish I could become a kid again. A school going kid who loves to have a blast with friends and family. I really, really wish I could go back. Sorry for this grim kinda post in the joyous day for Muslims all over the