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Blogging from my Lappy!

It's always great when a new gadget is added to your arsenal, right? Well about half a month a ago, I've got myself a new laptop, Thanks to Allah. It's a netbook rather, an Asus EEE PC 1215T . Despite being tagged a netbook, which is usually synonymous to a low-end laptop, this little machine has a pretty decent configuration (surely you've checked out the specs by now via the above link). Well, I haven't bought this thing to play Crysis 2 right? It does whatever things I expect it to do pretty smoothly. Hey, it even runs AutoCAD 2012 nicely as well (which I'm currently learning). In an age where everyone's going for the latest android tablets or the iPad, buying a netbook might not sound very tech savvy. But IMHO, despite being super duper cool and great tools for browsing, communication, note-taking and awesome time killing entertainment, neither Android nor iOS are good enough to replace windows or mac, as far as productivity is concerned. May be all t