Net woes gone

The internet connections were bugging me. I've tried 'em all since I came to Uttara. First we tried 'broadband'. It's between the inverted commas because it's actually slower than dial-up (believe it or not). The reason for that is, most of the broadband providers in this country split up a single 256/512 kbps broadband line among 60-100 subscribers! So the share of the bandwidth that you get is miserable. So, bye bye 'broadband'.
Then I tried dial-up. There are some very attractive packages on the market currently, and I've used them a lot during the last 1.5 years. They give you 100-110 hours for a month just for 300 bucks. Sounds great, until you check out the speed, which is slower than a snail I guess. Moreover, the Fiber Optic cable connection of the country gets snapped every now and then (I don't know why that happens). So working on the net meant hitting the reload button over and over again until finally the page you want arrives (not without errors in it). 'The information superhighway' became a narrow alley with a lot of junk. Being frustrated with all this, we tried Dhaka Phone's internet connection, they are the first private land phone providers in Dhaka city. Their speed is better than dial-up, but the problem is their rate, 0.3 taka/minute, which is quite high if you want to use internet for long sessions.
And then finally we decided (me and my father) to try Grameen Phone's internet. The unlimited connection costs 1000 bucks per month, i.e. no limitation on the amount of usage. My uncle's company (Knittex industries Ltd) is a corporate client of GP's Business Solutions package. In that package, unlimited internet costs 850/month. So I decided to take a SIM and try. I was not disappointed. The speed is fair enough and connection seems reliable. By the way things are going, I think I've finally found a long sought solution to my internet woes. I needed to solve the problem quickly as I'm currently working on 'AUSTronics', the first ever online magazine for the EEE department of our university. Now that I've got a good enough connection, Inshallah I'll be able to work without much trouble. Alhamdulillah, I'm back on the highway!


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