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For the Sake of Deen

On the 26, 27 and 28 March, I've been out on a 3 day Jamaat of Tabligh. I've been on a Jamaat before, but never for 3 days completely. My father wouldn't allow me to stay over because he cared a little too much for me. This is the first time I've traveled on the path of Allah with my bed on my shoulders and slept in the mosque. The independence day of our country have marked a different sort of independence for me. I've wondered how much difference there can be in staying over and not. Well, I've just found out that there's a huge gap. Whenever you want success, in any aspect of life, there needs to be some sacrifice, the more the sacrifice, the more closer you get to your goal. It goes for studies, profession, everything. Same theory applies for Imaan as well. The more hardship you go through for the sake of Deen, the better is your Imaan and steadfastness on the guidelines of Islam. There needs to be a great amount of hardship and sacrifice to attain the I

Sunnah 24

Alhamdulillah, I'm happy to announce the publication of my new blog Sunnah 24 . It's about the customs, practices and characteristics of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (S), i.e. the Sunnahs which are to be followed by humanity for success in this life and the next. I had planned this blog during my exams and have been waiting for them to finish so that I can get to work. Honestly speaking, I never thought I could get this blog up and running in just 3 days. Thanks to Allah, my work on this blog so far seems to be filled with Barkat. I'm glad that I got off to a productive start to my semester break. The blog has of course just started, and inshallah I'll update the blog frequently. The book I'm using as reference for the Hadiths in this blog is an electronic version, so that makes my job a lot easier. I hope everyone will be privileged by this blog and try to attain the blessed Sunnahs of the Messenger (S) of Allah in everyday life. Visit Sunnah 24 About Sunnah 24

Exam Khatam!!

Yup, the long awaited March 19 arrives, and the semester final of the 2nd year 2nd semester is over! Well, it's not that I've been very much restricted due to the exams, because I don't study much (about which my friends will object, but it's true), and I'm always kinda not too bothered about the outcome of the 3 hour exams, but, you know, even for the sake of keeping the 'exam environment' you can't do what you want while the exam is going, right? But now that the exam is over, you can do what you want. So here I am writing again. While the exams are on I always have so many big plans made for the break, but when it's over, I always kinda lose interest in them. Does it happen to you too? I've got some plans regarding the web though, which Inshallah I will go through with. I'm planning to start writing on my Islamic blog again, which has been a project which never found full swing. I also plan to make a new blog about the everyday Sunnahs t

Eye-patched Mom

My mom went through a surgery on her left eye today. It was a procedure known as Phaco , a cataract surgery, which is common these days. So she's wearing an odd-looking huge eye patch over her left eye. Fortunately tomorrow she has a check-up scheduled, and the doctor's gonna take of the patch. But she'll have to wear shades for about a week. After a few weeks the other eye will go through the same surgery. My mom's been having trouble in vision for quite a long time, Inshallah after all this is done her troubles will be gone. Pray for my mom so that everything goes well.

Semester Final: So Far So Good

The Semester final is under way and I've completed two out of the five exams, Digital Electronics and Numerical Methods. Both of those exams went good enough actually, Alhamdulillah. I'm just pleased that I could answer the full question in both cases, which is, at least for me, a rare achievement. Well, can't say how much of the answers are correct, but the advantage of answering the full script is that you can at least hope for partial markings. The next exam is a week later. But the problem is, it's mathematics! And even disturbing is the fact that not less than 70% of the course is still untouched! I had a session with my math guru Shuvro after the exam today. He gave me an express lecture on the topics, based on his own notes (obviously). I admit that the course doesn't look that tough, but what you need to do well in maths is practice, and that's what I don't have time for. I'll be glad if I can run my eyes through the syllabus at least once. Anywa