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Make (small) time for what you love

There are so many things that we wish we could do. How many times have we told ourselves “ if only I had more time to.... “ regarding something that we really love to spend time doing. For some that maybe reading books or writing, or spending time in nature, or some may want to develop their skills in their hobby like photography or any form of art. But due to a demanding job schedule or maybe because of family routine, we often can’t spend time in these passions that we have. And we resort to lamenting over the circumstances of life that are preventing us from chasing our interests. But there’s a pitfall we commonly fall into. We focus so much on the time that we don’t have, that we lose sight of the time that we do have, even though that available time may be small. For example, you may have a lot of interest in writing and have set up a blog. You envision yourself as a writer who churns out awesome, thoughtful long reads that can engage your readers. But hectic work/personal/f

11 Hours - Photoblog #12

 Quick shots from a half day visit to Rajshahi! 📅 19 March, 2022 📍 Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

A Year of Journaling - What I Learned from this Life Changing Habit

So for the last one year I’ve been journaling on a regular basis. I’ve tried my hand in writing journal digitally before, but I could never stick to it. This time I tried going old school and writing it all down in a physical notebook. In about one year, having written 209 entries and 266 pages across one and a half notebooks, I can say that this definitely has been a life-changing habit for me. Let’s try to summarize why. Discover yourself What makes a good day Sitting down with my journal day by day helped me identify some clear patterns about what makes a good day for me. I now have a clear understanding about the elements I need to add in my day to make me feel good when I go to bed. Conversely, of course, I also know what constitutes a day I don’t feel good about. For me, one thing that really makes a good day is balance. What balance is for me is a combination of work, family time and personal time. Also, days in which I may have been extremely busy, but in things I really enjoy