Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Response to Mustang-cam

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first video on You Tube, called 'Mustang-Cam'. I had connected a camera on the back of my remote control Ford Mustang model, and shot the video while I took the car for a ride through my home. A few days ago, some guys from America, seeing my video, decided to make their own version of 'Mustang-Cam'. They've made the video as a video response to my one! The video's description runs, "Here's our Mustang Cam and it's been engineered to beat your Mustang cam. It's team USA vs. the Bangledeshians" !! Haha. Well they've done a good job because they've got themselves a fast car, and a good camera. But they've lagged behind in the style department. They took off the upper portion of the car (I don't understand why), took another car, rubber-banded a handy-cam on top of it, and hooked it up behind the remote control car. Instead of giving a cool third person NFS-like view as in my video, they've ended up displaying a car which looks more like a robot. In the video they run their car through their auto workshop. Click here to read what they've written about their project. And at the end of the video, one of them picks up the car and says, "Take that Asif" to the camera! Hehe. Well, I'll take that as a positive gesture. You can check out their video here:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New Era For AUST

Today, 19 April 2008, is indeed a long awaited day for Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST). It marks the beginning of a new era for the already well known and established institution, as the new semester starts in its elaborate permanent campus. It is also historic in the context of the educational institutes of Bangladesh, as AUST becomes the first among the private universities of the country to move to its permanent home. The campus was inaugurated by the President of Bangladesh and Chancellor of the University Prof. Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed on 31 March. The new campus is not only huge in size, but also exclusively designed and spacious, promising all the facilities required for a university of international standards. The visually pleasing edifice is divided into four separate blocks, and the 10 story building including 2 basement levels has more than 4 lac square foot area as a whole (Click here for details).
The students of the university has been demanding the move to the new campus for a long long time. Seniors from almost each and every batch has been keeping the authority under pressure. Finally in the last semester we got to know that the time has finally arrived, and the classes of the spring semester 2008 will start on the permanent campus. This day has really been a long awaited day for our varsity. I feel really lucky that I'm gonna get a chance to study in our new campus for at least 2 more years (if I don't lag behind for some reason, hehe). And I really feel sorry at the same time for the seniors who have been struggling for so long to get this opportunity, but didn't get it. Thanks to them for all their efforts.
Today the authority invited the parents/guardians of the students to be a part of this historic day, by coming to the campus, and having a look around. Unfortunately I couldn't take my parents, our driver was on leave and going by taxi 8:00 in the morning was not possible.
The atmosphere in the campus today, as the students finally entered their very own elaborate campus, was absolutely amazing. The expression in their faces said everything. Everyone was looking around the campus with smiles on their faces. It was really great. Our friends were greeting each other saying 'Eid Mubarak', haha, as indeed this day is a happy day for us.
But the campus, to be honest, isn't ready yet. The air conditioners are not yet set, which makes things really hard in the hot summer weather. The laboratories, library, cafeteria are not yet fully functional. Even the teachers room of our department (EEE) is not ready. So, I think the authority could've taken a bit more time, at least 2 more weeks to arrange things a bit more and then start the classes. Anyway, Inshallah things will be just fine within a few weeks.
Our old temporary campus was congested, situated in different rented buildings and had the lowest grade as far as visual beauty and student facilities are concerned. But I am going to miss that campus, as the memories of my first two years of varsity life will always be associated with it. But I think what the students will miss the most is 'Star'! I mean Star Kabaab, Star Bakery and the 1st floor of Star Restaurant, which were always filled with the students of AUST, eating, gossiping, studying, passing time. And the 'Mamas' of Star are also sure to miss us.
I hereby would like to congratulate everyone associated with AUST, the students (present and past), teachers, staff, everyone, on this glorious and historic day for our beloved university. May Allah shower His Blessings on this institution forever. Ameen.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grapes in Our Garden

My father has an attraction for gardening, and since coming to Uttara, driven by his enthusiasm for it and with the help of a gardener, he has utilized our roof and some portion of land on the front of our house to grow all sorts of flowers, fruits and vegetables, all thanks to The Almighty Allah. The latest addition to the wide array of stuff that our garden has produced, are grapes! I don't know much about gardening, but I know that growing grapes is not an easy thing to do. But Allah's bounty seems to be abundant for my Dad's garden, and now quite a lot of grapes are growing and they seem pretty healthy. I took some high resolution photos of the garden yesterday which you can take a look at. This is not the season for flowers, but you can see some photos previously taken of the beautiful flowers which grew in the proper season, although not so high quality.

Click on the images to see more.

Mustang-Cam! - My Debut on You Tube

You probably know that I'm a huge fan of the Ford Mustang. A couple of months ago my big bro gave me a cool remote control 1967 custom Shelby Mustang model. Since then I've been planning to make a video with it. What I wanted to do is to create a sort of carriage to attach the camera to the back of the ride, and then shoot the video while I control the car, which would give a NFS-like view. To hold the camera (Nokia 3250 in this case), I made something more like chariot, I named it 'Cam-Chariot', and attached it behind my Mustang.

The Mustang with the Cam-Chariot
Look what I've used for wheels under the Cam-Chariot, that's right, two tiny cars!

Now the only thing left was to drive it with the camera chasing it, and that's what I did. The video also featured some cars and bikes from my bro's collection. After shooting the video I went one step further, putting it up on You Tube. This is my first video on You Tube so I was pretty excited to see my own work on-air. I know it's just a crappy video with stupid quality and nothing spectacular, but I was pretty happy with the way things worked out. I've embedded the video right here. I hope to direct some more sequels of my soon-to-be blockbuster, hehe.

Click here to download the video (3gp).

I know what you're thinking, doing all these stupid stuff with kid's toys, it's all just too childish for a 22 year old. Maybe you're right, maybe it is childish, but....."Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

Monday, April 07, 2008

Cable Management

Too long have I been disgusted by the horrible tangle of cables on the back of my PC desk. Can't blame the cables though, as I have to connect my monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, 2 printers, scanner, USB hub and the power cables. The cables seem to have a spontaneous tendency to entangle themselves together. The intricately tangled cables gave a disturbing view even from the front of the desk. I've been waiting for a chance to dig in and sort out the cables permanently. It's been one of my targets after the exams have finished, and yesterday I took the courage to carry out the job.
It took me quite some time just to free the cables from their love-bonds. As the wires remained in this state for a long time now, the floor has also been inaccessible for cleaning. As a result, I found myself having to clean a bit of a pile of dust and other annoying dirty stuff that I can't categorize. While cleaning I was feeling a bit like Mike Rowe of
Dirty Jobs, hehe.
I used some cable clips (used for wiring on walls), nails and some tape to bring the untidy cables back to order. Using the clips and the nails, I've managed to stop them from hanging down, and used the tapes to tie up the unused length of the wires, and tying up several of them together. Similar procedure went for the power cables as well. After 4 grueling hours of work, I was pretty satisfied with what I've done (also got myself a back-pain). Now the cables are looking pretty pleasing, nicely arranged on the back of the desk. Gone are the visually itching tangles, which have been bugging me for so long. Yet another successful project in my one month break!