Happy Birthday Dear Blog !

That's right, today my blog turns 1 ! Exactly 1 year ago I started writing this blog with the post 'Don't know why' . As I mentioned on that very first post, I'm just writing this blog for myself. In the past 12 months I've written 29 posts, which is not a lot, but not bad considering the fact that I'm only writing about events of my life, not anything else. It's also more than I thought I could write.
Looking back at my posts of the last year I find that my life's been mostly monotonous. There were some exceptions though. Some of those exceptions were indeed pleasant, as my tour to Bagerhat. But there have been shocking events as well, events I never thought I would have to write about, like the departures of Mejo Fupa and Shelly Apu. And another fact about my blog is that haven't been able to write all my emotions down, I couldn't express everything that have been going inside me. Some events, some thoughts are such that I can't even share them in this blog, they will only be in my heart, forever.
Anyway, this little space for sharing my life has been a success, I guess, at least for me. Inshallah in the next year I'll be able to share more, only if Allah gives me Hayaat. But I pray to Allah that I would not have to write about any more events that I don't want to write about, instead I get to write about things that I'm happy to write about. Hope everything goes well the next year. And I hope my life becomes a little more adventurous (safely though). May Allah guide me through the Right Path. Ameen.


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