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[Photo Post] Her Majesty

My then room-mate Murad had just come back from a short trip, and he was pretty damn excited. He knew I was a travel and photography buff, so he couldn't wait to show me the shots. He was going through his camera roll on his laptop, and I could see why. Their trip to Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir) was truly scenic from the moment they hit the roads outside the city. But when finally he showed my the shot of the waterfall, I was stunned. He tried to move the slideshow along but I wouldn't let him. For the next few minutes, I just kept watching the shot, and my mind already knew that I have to be there. Soon. My thirst for traveling and love for photography both had to be drenched in those waters. So a few weeks a later when me and some pals set out for our unforgettable road trip across Malaysia , I had to put Gunung Ledang as our first stop. As we entered the park area, I was a bit concerned to be fair. My buddies also started looking at me questioningly, 'where the he

[Photo Post] A Walk On The Leaves

It was a long drive to Pahang, around 8 hours I guess. With my friend Titash driving all night and me riding shotgun keeping tabs with the GPS, the drive was enjoyable for the major part. From brightly lit highways to dark swerving roads, it gave me a pretty good experience of night-time drives. Towards dawn I was seriously nodding off, going back and forth between dream and reality. After praying Fajr at a mosque in Jerantut, about an hour away from the National Park in Pahang, we had no choice but to take a nap right there. Then after a quick breakfast, we started again. And it began to get a bit tight. We were running out of gas, we didn't know if we'd find a gas station. We were running out of cash, not knowing if we'd find an ATM any time soon. But nonetheless we kept going, hoping the fuel and cash both will last this turn. And all of this trouble was to visit the National Park in Pahang. More specifically, to experience the canopy walkway. High near the treetops o