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A Year of Journaling - What I Learned from this Life Changing Habit

So for the last one year I’ve been journaling on a regular basis. I’ve tried my hand in writing journal digitally before, but I could never stick to it. This time I tried going old school and writing it all down in a physical notebook. In about one year, having written 209 entries and 266 pages across one and a half notebooks, I can say that this definitely has been a life-changing habit for me. Let’s try to summarize why. Discover yourself What makes a good day Sitting down with my journal day by day helped me identify some clear patterns about what makes a good day for me. I now have a clear understanding about the elements I need to add in my day to make me feel good when I go to bed. Conversely, of course, I also know what constitutes a day I don’t feel good about. For me, one thing that really makes a good day is balance. What balance is for me is a combination of work, family time and personal time. Also, days in which I may have been extremely busy, but in things I really enjoy