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The Tech we Take for Granted

There are so many pieces of tech that we directly or indirectly benefit from that we take for granted completely. The sewing machine has been around for more than 200 years. Every piece of clothing we've ever worn surely has come through some sort of a sewing machine. But have we ever wondered about the brilliance of the human mind over several decades that's behind the development of this mechanical marvel? Yet another brilliant video by one of my favorite channels  @veritasium  !

How NOT to react to a different perspective

 How should you react if your perspective is challenged? There is no doubt that generative AI models are hampering the development of original content. Previously aspiring writers had to spend days to read and study a particular writing style and then try to implement that tone into their own writing. Now they can simply paste a sample text and ask GPT models to write something for them in similar tone and language. This threat to original writing content is simply common sense and is quite naturally acknowledged even by AI developers. This should be quite easy to acknowledge, right? Well today I came across a profile who claims to 'help people become efficient academic writers with the help of AI'. Ok so far. But in one post he said the following: "A lot of folks think ChatGPT will kill original writing. Apps like ChatGPT will make original writing insanely profitable. The better writer you are, the better instructions you will be able to write for customizing chatbots. T

The passion to learn and teach

This is the kind of passion that I admire so much (and feel so jealous of). This guy built a fully transparent, fully functional engine, all by himself using simple machining tools in his garage. All by hand. If only us teachers had a slight portion of such enthusiasm to learn and teach. Tiny bits of creativity, just a few moments of thinking outside the box, could take our teaching-learning experience to a whole new level. Instead.... we just stick to the old PowerPoint slides that we made ten years ago when we started our teaching career. Because it's the easy way out.

Pods & Pages [#11]: The Secret to Becoming a Better Listener [Podcast Rec]

Explore a thought-provoking discussion in a world filled with noise and distractions. Learn how to centralize your listening skills for personal growth, enriching relationships, and deepening your spiritual connection in this recommended podcast episode. Join Shaykh Mikaeel Ahmed Smith from the prestigious Qalam Institute in Dallas, Texas, as he shares insights from his latest publication, 'When Hearing Becomes Listening: The Art of Prophetic Listening'. Discover the transformative power of attentive listening and its potential to elevate various aspects of your life. Link to the podcast: