My wish on the V-Day

Today is 16 December. 36 years ago, on this very day, our struggle from freedom was finally over. After 9 months of grueling battle, and with the cost of over 3 million lives, our land was finally free from the Pakistanis. Our army was mostly formed by the common people; the farmers, laborers, students, the general people of Bangladesh. I'm not a columnist, so I'm not going to write the history of the war. What I want to say here on this day, is my wish on the day of victory. It's not only my dream, it's the dream of every true Bangladeshi, it has been our dream since we earned independence. My dream, our dream is to bring the war criminals of '71 to justice. These are the people who helped the Pakistanis to kidnap, murder, rape thousands of Bangladeshis during our struggle for freedom. They helped our enemies to identify the freedom fighters so that they can kill them, to assassinate the intellectuals so that Bangladesh can never stand on their own feet, and to rape thousands of our mothers and sisters. Moreover, these animals did all these heinous crimes under the Holy name of Islam!
Even after 36 years of independence, the people of this country didn't see justice being served to these animals. Moreover, even though we have thousand and thousands of eyewitnesses against them, these criminals are living large and in charge. We even had to go through the torment of seeing those people in political power, waving the flag of free Bangladesh on the hood of their cars. I guess that's the biggest scar in the face of Bangladesh.
During the reign of the current interim government, we have seen things that we never thought we could see. We saw the corrupt being unmasked, being tried for their crimes against the country. So the people are hoping that the government will also take steps for the judgment of the war criminals. May be I'm hoping too high, but remember that everything is possible if Allah wants. So on this day of glory, we pray to Allah that the war criminals of 1971 be brought to justice. To honor the 3 million martyrs who have given their lives for the freedom of this nation, there is no alternative to putting an end to this curse we are bearing. So let's spread the word, let's honor the martyrs, let's honor our country, by bringing the war criminals finally to justice. This is my only wish on the day of Victory. May Allah give peace to those who died in the battle for our freedom. We know the war criminals can never escape the judgment of Allah in the afterlife, but we also want to see the same in this life. May Allah help us in this cause.


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