Take Care, Adnan Sir

I first met Adnan sir back in the last days of 1-2. It was in our viva of Electrical Circuits II lab, and Adnan sir was quizzing us. Probably he joined our department just a few days ago. He was asking all the questions regarding the very basics of the lab course, and my fellow examinees was putting them mostly wrong, and I was giving the right answers !! Anyways, back in that day I never thought that Adnan sir would one day become my favorite teacher. He took our C++ classes in 2-1, which was a nightmare for most of my classmates, but programming (at least the basic part of it) seemed fascinating to me, and I followed Adnan sir's lectures with wide eyes and an open mind. His approach was a bit different from the other lecturers. From that time we found out how friendly and cooperating Adnan sir can be. Whenever we went to him to get something cleared out, he would find some time for us always. He used to put up the class lecture sheets in his website, this particular approach was out of the line of the typical lecturers of the varsity. His website inspired me to venture into the world of amateur web development, in which I found great interest. Then in 2-2 he took Digital Electronics, but not on our section. But some of us, including me, found another reason to stay close to him. Adnan sir, towards the end of 2-1 came up with the idea of creating an online journal for the EEE department. From the start of 2-2, me and some other guys, under the guidance of Adnan sir started to develop this site, rather blog. We shared many tips and tricks of amateur web development during the development process.
Then in 3-1, he took Linear Systems, which is considered to be one of the toughest courses in our EEE programme. But I must admit, he did more than expected. During the class and beyond, he was always helping us out, just as he always have done so far. I just finished the Linear Systems semester final today. I must admit, I have learned a lot in this course, and whatever are my shortcoming in this subject, are only due to my lack of dedication to it. But Adnan sir has been more supportive than we could expect him to be.
It was probably back in 2-1 when he started writing his personal blog. From the very beginning, he has been a regular blogger. His blog is the kind of a personal blog where the writer writes not only about the happenings in his personal life, but also various other issues (unlike my blog). I've always been a regular reader of his blog and was also free to comment due to the friendly nature of Adnan sir. It is also a great honour for me that he also reads my blog (yes, this blog, he reads it, believe it or not), and he has been the top commentator as well. His comments and suggestions have been a great inspiration in my blogging and making websites. I thank him again for that.
There's a whole lot of things I could write about him, but my text wouldn't be the kind you would find in the magazines, because frankly speaking, I can't write that well, at least from the literary point of view. But why am I suddenly writing all this about my favorite teacher? No, I'm not doing this to make him give me more marks in Linear, haha, in fact he won't even check our exam papers. Because unfortunately for us (and fortunately for him) he is leaving the country to go abroad for higher studies. Inshallah he'll make his journey on the 21st of August across the continent into Europe to complete his MSc, where he will study in one of the top ranked universities of the world, just as he deserves. As I am happy to see him getting the opportunity to progress in his career, I'm also extremely disappointed that he won't be with us anymore. His support and encouragement, his friendliness and cooporation is what made him our favorite, and those are the very things that we're gonna miss. I don't see any reason for him to miss us, except for the fact that we were his first students who gave him a hell lot of trouble during the last year and a half. But we, particularly I, have every possible to reason to remember him. If I live that long, and Allah permits, after 3 more semesters complete my graduation from AUST, whenever I'll look back at my varsity life, I'll always see the supporting hand of Adnan sir.
So I'm writing this post to thank Adnan sir, for everything he has done for us. I wish and pray to Allah The Almighty, that Adnan sir finds success, progress, and most importantly, happiness, wherever he goes. May Allah keep him on the Right Path, and may happiness persuit him in this life and the next.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Dear Asif, don't know what to say... because probably this is the first time anyone writes anything about me! Thank you very much for all that complements.

    You know what, I personally don't have any favorite teacher! Because no one could keep any sign or impact in my life. With that continuity, I was ready to embrace the same fate... but... well your article points me other direction!

    And about the "missing" thing, I'll miss you all as you're the first students in my teaching career as well as the last... up to now. And how can I forget a person who considers me as his favorite teacher!

    Just a request, don't forget to keep me in your daily prayer!


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