Mom and Dad Goes to Umrah (Without me !!)

Last thursday my mom and dad left the country for Saudi Arabia to perform The Umrah and visit the two most beloved cities of the Muslim world. At first they've gone to the golden Madina Munawwarah, where they are performing their Salaats in Masjid e Nababi, the beautiful mosque which was the mosque of Prophet Muhammad (S) in the dawn of Islam, and they are conveying their Salaam to our beloved Nabi (S) who is lying there. After about a week inshallah they'll head towards Makkah Mukarrama and perform their Umrah and dazzle their eyes with the site of The Holy Kaaba. I'm really happy that my mom and dad have taken a break from their busy lives and went to the two most peaceful places on earth. But honestly speaking, I'm really disappointed and jealous that I'm not with them. We all went to Umrah back in 2002, and those five days were the most memorable days of my life, and the most pleasing. I always thought that whenever again my parents would go there, they'd take me with them. But unfortunately that hasn't been the case. No complaints though, because I know Allah will always give me what is best for me, and when it is best for me. So I just pray to Allah that He grants peace to the minds of my parents by this visit, and that they return to us with better Imaan and better health. And I also hope that me and my bro and sis, along with my parents get to go to the beloved cities together very soon again.


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