3-1 is History.....Hopefully

Painful. The 3rd year 1st semester was simply painful. It was annoying during the classes, it was disturbing during the PL, it was horrifying during the exams, and it still hurts after them. Particularly Linear Systems and Electromagnetic Fields and Waves were utter nightmares. Imagine two thorns stuck under your toe, whenever you walk they send gnawing pain throughout your body, and you've been living with this pain for the last 4 months or so. How relieved would you feel to get rid of those thorns, and to have the pain removed? That's exactly how I feel to get rid of Linear and EFW. At first I thought Linear would be the toughest one, and indeed it was tough. But as soon as I started to prepare for EFW, I felt Linear was like heaven. EFW was indeed the most horrifying exam ever, and I'm still not free from concern about getting rid of it. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open for the results to make sure of that. That's why the "Hopefully" part of the post title came in. Preparing for the exams was also particularly harder than before as I missed the loving care of my Mom, who, along with my Dad, was in Saudi Arabia at that time.
3-1 just left a bad taste in my mouth. I dearly wish and pray to Allah that he gives Barkat to my exam papers so I could get rid of this disgusting, disturbing and annoying semester once and for all.


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