Walking in the Rain

After coming to Uttara, whenever its raining in daytime, and I'm at home and have not taken my shower already, then you wouldn't find me in my room. Instead I'd be on the roof, taking a shower in the rain. That's why a couple of days ago when it started to rain pretty heavily at noon, I went straight up. I don't know why, I just love the feeling of the rain on my body. Many of us believe that walking in the rain will cause fever or cold. I had the similar idea many years ago. I had a home tutor who used to teach me math, he said that this concept is nothing but psychological. Because thousands of rickshaw pullers in street are getting soaked in the rain all day, but they don't catch cold, otherwise there would be no rickshaw pullers to be found on the street the following day as they would all catch fever. They don't catch cold cuz they are not concerned about it. Since then, my fear of catching cold in rain was over, whenever I had a chance, I got myself soaked in the waters from Heaven. Walking in the rain brings back memories from dear Elephant Road, where I would walk in the rain in our alley with my friends, Abeer and Salahuddin mainly. Sometimes all the kids would come down and play cricket and basketball. Those were happy days indeed.


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