Semester Final: So Far So Good

The Semester final is under way and I've completed two out of the five exams, Digital Electronics and Numerical Methods. Both of those exams went good enough actually, Alhamdulillah. I'm just pleased that I could answer the full question in both cases, which is, at least for me, a rare achievement. Well, can't say how much of the answers are correct, but the advantage of answering the full script is that you can at least hope for partial markings.
The next exam is a week later. But the problem is, it's mathematics! And even disturbing is the fact that not less than 70% of the course is still untouched! I had a session with my math guru Shuvro after the exam today. He gave me an express lecture on the topics, based on his own notes (obviously). I admit that the course doesn't look that tough, but what you need to do well in maths is practice, and that's what I don't have time for. I'll be glad if I can run my eyes through the syllabus at least once. Anyway, I've always had these problems with math, in all the previous semesters. But I've depended on Allah and tried my best, and it always paid off. So I hope for the same this time as well. And the encouraging thing is, this course is the last mathematics course of the curriculum! So wish me luck for next Wednesday's exam.


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