Family Picnic (sort of)

Remember my trip to Tangail last year? Yesterday I revisited my uncle's house over there, this time with my family in a sort of a family picnic. The trip was pretty similar to the last one, only this time I had a lot more fun as my little cousins, Ahnaf, Zian, Tiana, Nusrat and Nuzhat (Chhutti) was there with me. I spent a lot of time walking around the beautiful typical rural landscape, and taking photos. This time I took a lot of pictures of the sceneries, and with a slightly better camera. You can check out the photos in my PicasaWeb Album. I've also put up a slideshow right here.

The lunch was mouth watering. Especially the beef and mutton were rich with Masala and tasted as good as they looked. After lunch we played cricket on the roof.
On our way back to Dhaka we visited my uncles' garments factory, Knittex Industries at Gazipur. I've been here about six months back. The facility has undergone huge improvement by this time. The factory is a full fledged production zone consisting of various sections. I've observed the whole process of production last time, but this time I was pretty impressed watching the process of screen printing being done on the t-shirts. The work being done here is very much organized.
Well, I enjoyed my time out there, forgetting the upcoming semester final exams next week. Oh no, is it really next week? Damn!


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