New Year's dinner & the days without rice !

I haven't been able to eat rice for the last three days, honestly. No, don't take this on the wrong note. I couldn't have rice because I had to eat some different meal. In the last 3 days I've had Biriani (thrice), burger and a whole lot of Italian food. Alhamdulillah, who can complain if Allah gives me such great Rizq! All of these meals are rich to the max level. As a result, my waist has notably grown wider. Damn!
Now let's talk about one of the most elaborate dinners in my life. It was in New Year's day. Milanku and Chaachi invited my brother and me to join them for the dinner. I knew it was gonna be at some place good. I was right. They took us to The Westin Hotel at Gulshan. We went straight up to the topmost floor to the Sprago Restaurant to have some Italian food. I chose this place instead of the buffet of the hotel, because, you know I'm crazy about Pizzas.
About the restaurant, it should have been better decorated. Being 23 stories up ( that's pretty high for our country ), it gives a stunning view of Dhaka from up above. But they couldn't use the view to their advantage. The place should have had windows as much as possible, instead it was mostly walled from all sides.
Anyway, the important part is the food. When I checked out the menu, I had absolutely no clue what to order. The menu was too much complex. We ordered a lot of stuff. Let's see, Pasta, Lasagna, Pizza, Chicken broast, lobster, salad and drinks, I don't know if I'm forgetting something. And believe it or not, other than the salad, I took every other item! Man I can't even believe myself that I had so much food. Especially the pizza and lasagna were really good. Other items were nothing extraordinary. I was just happy to have what I wanted, pizzas obviously. It must have been a tremendous torture upon my stomach to give it such a big task of devouring such a complex combination of food stuff. Oh wait, the onslaught wasn't over yet. After the dinner we went down to the lobby of the hotel to top it all up with ice cream! I guess I was way over the safety zone of my stomach, but thanks to Allah I didn't throw up. Now don't ask me about the price of the food we just had, it's just TOO much. Just one example, the second pizza that we ordered (which servers 2) cost 1200 taka alone. I forgot to say 1200 taka 'only'.
We got back home close to midnight, both me and my brother hardly being able to move. The fact about this dinner is that I'm confident that I ate the most. This new year's dinner must be among the top three of my most elaborate meals ever.
By the way, this is the very first post of 2k8, so wishing you all a belated Happy New Year!


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