Through the Winter Rain

This morning I woke up just like any other day at 5:50 am to attend the Fajr jamaat at 6:10 am. I went to the bathroom, and wait, something was different outside. Did I just hear the sound of rain falling? I went back to my room and opened the sliding glass window, and found that I was right. It was raining pretty heavy. Usually every year towards the last days of winter, there comes one such rainy day which turns down the temperature one final notch. It's like winter's last stand against the clock of nature. So I was expecting such a day. Anyway, raining or not, I had to go the mosque. Off I went taking up my umbrella after a long time, into the winter rain. It was chilly outside, and as it was raining heavier than I expected, I was getting soaked despite the umbrella over my head. At the mosque the attendance was less the usual, not unexpectedly. After the namaz I had about half an hour to get ready for class.
When I left home at 7:15 am for the bus stand, it was still pretty dark around. I expected that after this rain the weather would definitely get much colder. It indeed felt so at the bus. But as soon as I reached the varsity, I found myself totally wrong. Instead of feeling colder than the recent days, I found myself getting rid of my jacket as I was feeling warmer. I guess this is due to the increase in humidity in the air. Well, this all proves that Allah makes changes in His domain whenever He wants, however He wants.


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