Mission Bagerhat

Just came back from my three day tour to Bagerhat, my 'Mamabari'. It was great to get out of Dhaka after so long. We (me, my mom, my sis and Hilu Bhai) went last Thursday on the 19th of April and came back yesterday on the 23rd. The stay was great. We started for Khulna in a Volvo Exclusive bus from Dhaka. The bus started at 10:00 in the morning. It stopped at a rest house at Faridpur at noon. We reached Khulna at about 4:00pm and from there headed towards Bagerhat by a rent microbus. We reached our destination at 5:00pm. The journey was pretty pleasant. The bus was really cool and comfortable. The next day me and Hilu Bhai went out on a rickshaw after Fajr. We went to see the 'ghers' of Alap bhai.Those were really nice to look at. We also saw one of the two new bridges built over the Doratana river. The river looked great in the early morning sun. That day there was a party arranged for the occasion of Akika of the newborn son of Golap bhai. Quite a big arrangement was made and the turn up was good also. Invitations was for lunch. On the evening after Maghrib me and Hilu bhai again set out on a rickshaw tour. This time we went to see the other new bridge. We stopped our rickshaw at a distance from the bridge and enjoyed the view and the breeze. Later after Isha we all including my Maami and Golap bhai went up that bridge. We went on a van and the journey was really fun. It was quite relaxing over the bridge with the cool breeze and the gentle night sky above. The next morning we two again took a rickshaw ride for about half an hour. Sunday was also very eventful, although we didn't take the rickshaw ride at the morning. Some orphans from the Madrasa and some poor kids were invited to have lunch. It was nice to serve food to them. We went to the famous Rahat Hotel, which is managed by our favorite aunt Nuri khala. The afternoon was simply great. We four and Maami and several others went for a boat ride. Other than the deafening sound of the diesel engine, the boat journey was awesome. The boat went up to the bridge we visited earlier and went under and around it. It was fascinating, and I don't have the ability to describe it perfectly. It seemed that Monday came too early, because I didn't want to get back to the cage called Dhaka. Our return bus was scheduled to leave from Khulna at 11:00am. It was hard leaving Bagerhat and our caring and loving Maami. But we had to leave anyway. We reached Khulna bus terminal on time by the same microbus. The return journey was also pretty pleasant.The only problem was that we had to wait for about one and half hours to get on the Mawa ferry. We got back home at about 7:00pm. Well, If you ask me, I want to go to Bagerhat again right now! Click Here to check out some pictures from the tour.


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