Take The Time to Make the Right Move [Mindful Moments]

We face decisions all the time. Maybe it's a sudden opportunity knocking, or a new business idea that needs action pronto. Sometimes it's as simple as a friend suggesting we ditch work for a spontaneous day trip.

But here's the thing: should we always just go with our gut?

Probably not. Being grown-up means thinking things through before jumping in. Whether it's a big decision or a small one, taking a minute to really think about it is key. And the bigger the deal, the more we should take our time.

So, before deciding, stop and think.

Consider the good and bad. 

Who else might be affected by what you decide? 

What am I saying ‘no’ to by saying ‘yes’. 

This is something I’ve always found in my dad. He would never rush to decisions. He would take his time, and tell others to ‘sleep on it’. 

That's the way to make choices—thoughtfully. Considering the impact of the decision. On yourself. On your family. On your work. And on everything else that’s important to you. 

That’s the mature way to decide. Opting to do something not just because everyone else is doing.

Not to be the nice guy.

Not to be the popular colleague.

Not just because you just felt like doing it. 

Take the time to decide what’s the right thing to do. That time maybe 5 minutes, an hour, a day, or a week. 

However long it’s necessary to do what’s right. 

“Patient deliberation is from Allah, and haste is from the devil” - Prophet Muhammad (S).


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