Research with Impact: Putting People Before Papers

So, when I kicked off my master's journey in Malaysia, there was this big push to churn out papers. Everyone, from research students to supervisors, was all about getting as many papers published in top journals and conferences.

It got me thinking: is research just about paper counts now? Are we only doing it to snag a degree or a promotion?

I always figured research should be the other way around. It's about tackling real-life problems, making lives better, easing suffering. Once we focus on that, the papers will naturally flow.

But the problem starts early on, when we're picking research topics. As supervisors, we're telling our students to hop on the trend train. Look for what's hot, what's getting published a lot.

But are we telling them to think about how their research can actually help the world? Nope, not really.

We need to flip the script on how we approach research. It should start right from the get-go, when we're brainstorming ideas.

Instead of asking, "How do I find trending research topics?" or "How do I pick topics for publication?" let's start with, "How do I find research ideas to solve my community's problems?" or "How do I identify problems that need fixing to make lives better?"

let's shift our focus in research from chasing trends to addressing real-world challenges. Even if it is on a small scale. By prioritizing problem-solving over paper counts, we can truly make a meaningful impact on society and create research that matters. It's time to rethink our approach and pave the way for a brighter, more impactful future through our work.

Let's make research about people, not just publications.


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