[Photo Post] Uplifting

As the train that takes us to the top of Penang Hill started to climb up, the trees and rock faces on both sides started to move away. And all of a sudden I'm high above the tree tops, and the sparkling city of Penang Island and the distant mountains are spread open before me, while the train track cracks a line between the green. Breathless, taking in the scenery while being unable to say anything but SubhanAllah , I remembered I need to start taking shots again!

Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia.

Didn't expect the photos to turn out so nice to be honest. The train was moving at a considerable speed and was jam packed with tourists. Alhamdulillah, the time spent there was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed the splendid look and feel of the environment while trying to photograph them to the best of my ability.

I highly recommend this spot to anyone travelling to Malaysia.
Enjoy and Share.


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