Speechless We Seek for Answers......Deeply We Mourne

I'm just 23, so I haven't seen the murders by the Pakistani forces back in '71. And I was glad I hadn't been born then. But I am living and well here in 2009, and I had to be witness to a brutality the likes of which our country, and the whole world has never seen. By the time I'm writing this post, the bodies of 64 military personnel have been discovered who were killed by the latest massacre at the BDR headquarters in Dhaka, and 71 are still missing, who are most likely to have borne the same fate. The so-called 'jawaans' of the BDR killed all these assets of our country, stashed their bodies in ditches and manholes, like those of some mere street animals. I'm no political analyst, but it is pretty sure that these ruthless murders weren't committed just to claim some demand of the BDR men. And it is also evident that all this had been pre-planned by the murderers.
Looking at the images of the disfigured bodies of these elite military personnel being brought out from these holes in the ground, the people around holding their noses in the stench, the heart-breaking cries of those who lossed their loved ones, the whole nation asks, and struggles to find the answer to one simple question; why did all this happen? What's the reason behind this inhumanity? Why were our brothers killed with such barbarity in the hands of our own countrymen? What made them do it?
There have been all sorts of speculation going around in the air. Some say it's the work of some political party, some claim that there must be some foreign nation involved in this, some have other theories as well. But the general people actually don't have a clue about the true reason behind these atrocities.
One thing that we must notice from seeing the fate of those who lost their lives, is that we never know what future lies ahead of us. When these army officers were promoted to the ranks of Lt.Colonel, Major, Colonel, how proud they must have been, how happy must their families have been. Because we all think that positions, ranks, money assures our future, guarentees our peace. And yet, what future did these people meet? Did they or their family ever imagine this? Pretty sure they haven't. So in every stage of life, we must always pray to the Almighty Allah for the barkat in our future, we must ask for peace and prosperity from Him and Him only, and not depend upon our wordly belongings.
After three days of national mourning, people are still searching for the missing bodies in and around the BDR headquarters. The families of the army officers know that their husbands, fathers or brothers won't return to them alive, but they still want to see their bodies, to pay respect, and to give them a proper burial. The whole nation is in shock, speechless in despair, and it will stay this way for a long time. The wounds made in just one day, are not to be healed in many many years. Deeply we mourne the loss of so many of our brave brothers. May Allah bestow his mercy on their souls. May their final resting places become pieces of Heaven. May Allah give their families the strength to endure. May Allah show us The Right Path.


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    yeah... I am speechless too....


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