'Sandwich' Time !

It's time. Two events of greatest importance of our family, my bro's wedding ceremony and Walima, sandwiched between two of the most difficult exams in this semester, Semiconductor Devices and Telecommunication Engineering. Despite our attempt to fix the dates of my bro's events to avoid the exams, it has all come down to this awkward pickle. I know the sandwich won't taste good, I just hope it doesn't leave a taste too bad in my mouth.
Recently our home is buzzing with reletives doing all sorts of pre-wedding stuff. So the environment has become quite uncomfortable for studies. Even if I'm locked up in my room, the sound of all those hihi-hahas is impossible to keep out of my mind. So from today I've started to implement an old idea of mine, which I haven't had a chance to put to the test so far. I've got myself a headphone some weeks back, with a microphone connected to it. I've plugged in the headphone, plugged in the mic, turned up the volume of headphone and mic all the way up, and I wear the headphone with the mic in front of my mouth, and read everything aloud. Now almost all I hear is my own boosted up voice reading aloud all the studies. Guess what, so far it has worked pretty well! So, trying to adapt to the current situation in my house, I'm trying my best to swallow this 'Sandwich' in the least painful way. Allah help me.


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