Eid Mubarak to All

Yes, it's that time of the year again. After one month of fasting the blessed day of Eid ul Fitr has arrived again. I'm just writing this post to wish everyone a very very happy Eid and many many returns of the day. May Allah fill this day with happiness and joy. May Allah fill our hearts with the Light of Imaan, as a gift of Eid.
Well, for me, the Eids are always pretty much the same. We don't have much of relatives outside of Dhaka, so we are deprived of the joy of going to our home towns or villages to spend the Eid vacation. Our Eids are mostly celebrated in the home of one of our uncles or aunts. But still this day I always enjoy with family. Not much with friends though, particularly after coming to Uttara. Most of my friends are in downtown Dhaka and I can't join their 'addas' on Eid.
Another thing I enjoy on Eid day is the emptiness in streets of Dhaka. The usually jam packed and over populated streets become totally deserted, as the thousands of inhabitants leave the city towards their home towns to get together with family. We the citizens of Dhaka can enjoy the streets for a day or two. It would be great if we could go out just for a ride through the city.
Signing off now, wishing you Eid Mubarak again.


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