Exam Khatam!!

Yup, the long awaited March 19 arrives, and the semester final of the 2nd year 2nd semester is over! Well, it's not that I've been very much restricted due to the exams, because I don't study much (about which my friends will object, but it's true), and I'm always kinda not too bothered about the outcome of the 3 hour exams, but, you know, even for the sake of keeping the 'exam environment' you can't do what you want while the exam is going, right? But now that the exam is over, you can do what you want. So here I am writing again.
While the exams are on I always have so many big plans made for the break, but when it's over, I always kinda lose interest in them. Does it happen to you too? I've got some plans regarding the web though, which Inshallah I will go through with. I'm planning to start writing on my Islamic blog again, which has been a project which never found full swing. I also plan to make a new blog about the everyday Sunnahs that Muslims should follow. May Allah help me with those.
I don't know how long this break is gonna be, at least a month, but I've heard there'll be more as Ahsanullah University is finally moving to the new permanent campus. When I was going to the varsity today, I was thinking that it's maybe the last time I'm entering the class rooms of our 'temporary' campus (don't you think we've stayed there too long to call it temporary?). Don't wanna write much about that now, I'll save it for the post after the classes start at the new campus.


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