The Merit List - Revisited

The merit list for the semester final of 2nd year 1st semester was out today, and Alhamdulillah I stood 11th! It was a bit unexpected, but thanks to Allah, my name's on the list. I strongly believe that this is a direct gift from Allah, as I'm sure I don't study even as much as 1/3 rd of anyone else on that list. I was on the merit list of the very 1st semester as well, I stood 5th then and got 18000 bucks. Then 1-2 was not so good, and I was way out of the reach of scholarship.
For the whole 2-1 semester I never thought that I have any chance of coming up with a good enough result. Even after I gave the final exams, I wasn't hopeful. But the results showed that most of the students ended up getting low scores. My score in Mechanics is what I think was the deciding factor, and also CSE, on which I got A and A+ respectively. Anyway, It's great to be back on the merit list. Moreover, Inshallah I'll get 9000 taka as scholarship! My family is ecstatic, especially my mom and my sis. Thanks to Allah for everything.


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