Eid Day

Today was Eid ul Adha, and as expected it wasn't quite different from the Eids of the past years. We prayed the Eid Jamaat at the sector 13 playground which was pretty impressively prepared for a big congregation. Qurbani of our cow was all done pretty fast. I don't wanna get into the details because it's pretty much the same each year. Oh, I forgot to say Eid Mubarak.

Cow Shopping:
Well, my visit to the cow hut (Gorur hut) yesterday is definitely worth mentioning. As I went to the hut last year as well, this year I had no intention to go. Because honestly speaking, I don't quite like the place, to be more honest, I'm scared of that place. But my father was insisting so much, so I decided to go at the very last moment.
We went to the hut of Azompur at sector 6. The place was just as I expected. It was crowded with cows, of all sizes. Huge mass of people moving through it, and every now and then a cow is being led in or out through the crowd. Some of the cows have what I would like to call the 'Bad Cow Disease' , those are the aggressive ones, they look pretty frightening, swinging there heads violently from left to right to get free. That's the scary part of the whole affair. Another interesting thing about the huts is that most of the ground beneath your feet is covered with damped cow shit. Anyway, I guess everybody has these experiences so I'm chopping off the details.

What my father usually does all the time when goes to buy a cow, is that he buys one as quick as he can without spending much time inside the hut, and he doesn't bother for much bargaining. This time me and Dulabhai were determined not to let him do that. So we spent some time surveying the hut and the price. Finally we settled for an average sized one at a good enough price and got out of there.
The cow hut is not the kind of place I wanted to be in, and yet there I was and Alhamdulillah I was out of it unharmed !


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