Back to the class - End of happy days

Classes of the new semester started a couple of days ago. It means I'm back to that disgusting back breaking routine. It means getting up real early, catching a bus to karwan bazar, going through the classes, then walking back to farmgate, waiting for a bus (and that can be pretty long), and when it arrives, literally fighting for a place, most of the times, just to stand, getting a rickshaw back to home. And after such toil, I'm also gonna have to finish all the lab reports, prepare for quizzes and do other childish homeworks. And this same routine goes for most of the next 3 and a half months. Even thinking about it makes me sick. Wish me luck.
I'm really getting frustrated about the way the days are going nowadays. I mean, I've spent the whole 40 day semester break in front of my pc. Yes I do love that but for how long? I want a real change in my lifestyle. I don't mean doing new things on the net or learning some new software, I mean a REAL change. I'm fed up of this monotonous boring cycle. I think I'm very near my boiling point and if this continues much longer, I might just go mad. Allah save me.


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