At the beach! (and flying a kite)!!

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk by myself on the nearest beach :)). It's actually a place the government is filling up with sand by dredging to make new residential areas. Well, that's as close to a beach I can get now. Anyway, I stayed there for the whole afternoon after the Asr prayer up to Maghrib. I sat there at the bank of the canal for sometime looking at the setting sun and its reflection on the water ( I thought it would bring out the poet in me but it didn't). I walked in the sand bear feet, and honestly I was enjoying the time with the constant cool breeze. And just before I started on my way back I came across a kid flying a kite, I told him I can't fly a kite, honestly I never tried before, and the boy laughed at me. So I thought I should give it a shot. So I took the string from him and flew a kite for the first time in my life (fireworks in the background please). It's not that hard actually, all I was doing was holding the string. Anyway, inspired by this remarkable (!) achievement, I'm thinking about flying kites more often.


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