Serving Beyond Ourselves [Mindful Moments #2]

We're always careful about where we spend our money, time, and effort. It's natural to look for good opportunities to invest our money so it can grow over time. We also worry about whether we're wasting time or not. But if we look back, we often see that we're spending our resources on things that only benefit ourselves or our close family.

It's important to look for opportunities to put our efforts into things that are bigger than just our own group. We should spend time, money, and energy on things that go beyond personal pleasure or fulfilling our own needs and our family's needs. Let's try to include people from our neighborhood or community in our circle so that our time, effort, or money can benefit others who are not directly related to us.

Maybe you're helping just one person from the neighborhood or one family from the community, or supporting a cause that benefits your society or the Muslim Ummah. This way, some of the effort you're putting in, whether it's physical abilities, time, or money, is helping a cause that is larger than just yourself or your immediate family.

These are the opportunities we should always look for, as Muslims and responsible members of society. When we find purposes like that—purposes that are bigger than ourselves—only then can we find a meaningful and content life. These purposes can bring us joy that can't be bought with money or new things for our household.

The happiness that comes from putting a smile on another person's face, the contentment from fulfilling the needs of another family, and the satisfaction from serving people without expecting anything in return—these feelings are incomparable to what you can get from material possessions.

So, let's all look out for opportunities like that. Only then can we experience true contentment in life.


  1. Shihav9:56 PM

    I have the same feelings. Let's start doing something beyond. It may give us a bigger perspective and meaning to our existence


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