Letting Go of Control

Whether it's our job, our family, or our relationships, we want things to go exactly as we planned. But we mostly fail to accept the fact that aspects of our life depends so much on others, on so many external factors that are beyond our control.

This realization can lead to a more stress free and happy life. It allows us to differentiate between what's in our control, and what isn't. That way, we can focus our energy on the things within our influence, while also admitting that there are so many parameters beyond our control, which can influence the final outcome in any direction.

In life, when something doesn't go our way, when tragedy befalls; maybe we lose a job, or say goodbye to a loved one, suffer huge loss in our business; we can easily fall into the trap of 'what if's' and keep rethinking our past in a closed loop. Or we can give up on life and live a sad and depressed life. But we can also choose to accepts that there were many factors in the past event that were beyond my control, due to which things didn't go as I planned. We can think about what we can learn from what happened and turn it into steps that can improve our own life, as well as the lives of others around us.


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