[Photo Post] A Walk On The Leaves

It was a long drive to Pahang, around 8 hours I guess. With my friend Titash driving all night and me riding shotgun keeping tabs with the GPS, the drive was enjoyable for the major part. From brightly lit highways to dark swerving roads, it gave me a pretty good experience of night-time drives. Towards dawn I was seriously nodding off, going back and forth between dream and reality. After praying Fajr at a mosque in Jerantut, about an hour away from the National Park in Pahang, we had no choice but to take a nap right there. Then after a quick breakfast, we started again. And it began to get a bit tight. We were running out of gas, we didn't know if we'd find a gas station. We were running out of cash, not knowing if we'd find an ATM any time soon. But nonetheless we kept going, hoping the fuel and cash both will last this turn.

And all of this trouble was to visit the National Park in Pahang. More specifically, to experience the canopy walkway. High near the treetops of this ancient tropical rain forest, which is one of the oldest in the world, ropes tied from one colossal tree bark to another are used to hang narrow planks of wood, with nets on both sides of course.

 National Park,Pahang.

Stepping over from the tree-top wooden platforms built around the barks into the swaying, bouncing planks 45 meters high above the forest floor gave me the chills at first, but soon, awe took over. And I kept walking, spellbound, taking in the surroundings as best as I can, with all of my senses. Up there, away from the buzz of civilization, I felt the majesty of the pristine form of nature; the air heavy with the wisdom held in the heart of this hundred million year old forest. I stopped, and listened, and looked around, down and up. The undisturbed sound of nature was overwhelming. The creaks of the ropes and planks only added to the sense of adventure.

So after all the wear and tear from the journey to the spot, standing up there near the treetops in that lofty walkway swaying under my feet, humbled by the grandeur of untamed nature, I felt all of it was worth it. Alhamdulillah. 


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