PC Paint Job

I was never into painting stuff. But those guys on discovery channel doing custom paint jobs on cars and bikes always amazed me. The wonders they make with spray paint and tape are simply fascinating. So for a long time I had it in my mind to try and do something with spray paint, and I wanted to customize my PC's casing! After grooming the idea in my head for a long time, I bought a can of red spray paint and some masking tape about a couple of months ago. But still I couldn't get painting, until recently. Only a few days ago, I finally did my first paint job on my PC, after going through a couple of test runs of course. I had a tough time deciding on the design. I kept drawing different patterns on a pad and finally I made up my mind on one.

The casing taped up and the design cut out. The design shows "A-19".

I did it like the pros. I taped up my PC's side panel, drew my desired pattern, cut out the part where I wanted the paint to be, and then unleashed the spray paint. I did read some important spray painting tips on the net before going for it, and the tips really helped a lot.

When I finally peeled off all the tape from the casing, the finished product was really satisfying. It's just an ordinary single colored design, but for me, who has never painted anything before, it was a good start. Thanks to Allah, I did something new in my one week summer break.


  1. Taneem Hasan3:21 AM

    hello friend,

    its been really long i hv been reading ur blog. i check ur blog quite regularly to read the new post from u...but i never gt enough courge to comment on ur post. i like them all. after watching your paint job, it was really difficult for holding me back... u really did an awsome job. it looks beautiful. congratulation dost. and keep up ur good work. sometimes i m really proud, being ur frind. take care. see u soon...

  2. Well thanks a lot Taneem. I've always wondered why you didn't comment on my blog despite being a long time reader. Thanks for finally putting some words down here.
    About the paint job... well let me say it in Bangla, "Shukhe thakte bhute kilae"!! hehe.


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