Those 9 Days (March 24 - April 1)

March 24 was the day before my brother's wedding, the day of his 'Gaye Holud' ceremony at our place. Should've been a great day for me, but it was also the day before my Semiconductor Devices semester final exam. So up till the evening I was switching between studies and arrangements. But after evening I had no chance to study. The program went pretty good thankfully. I was free to study at almost 1 o'clock at the night. I did my best to prepare for the exams, studying for a little more than an hour that night, and after the Fafr prayer the next day. So the preparations weren't so good, and the exam was nothing better. The exam didn't go any better than I was prepared for, but at least I wasn't scared of failing.
That very day after the evening, our whole family left for my Bhaiya's wedding together. But things took a turn again, at least for me. My sister was feeling sick from the morning, she was constantly vomiting for some reason. When me and one of my aunts were on our way to the community centre, we got to know that her condition was not good at all, and she must be taken to a hospital immediately. So we turned our car towards Elephant Road, while the rest of the party went on. Long story short, we reached our sister's place, took her to the nearest hospital and she was given saline. After staying there for some time as her condition became stable, me and others left her to the care of my brother in law, and went to attend the wedding at the very last moment. I reached there a little before midnight, and most of the guests were gone. Nothing much was left to be done except for taking our new Bhaabi with us and getting home. So went the all important day of my bro's wedding, So much for celebrations, hehe.
The next two days went like a flash. 26 March our house was full of people, as usual, and I didn't even try to study for my next exam. 27 March was the day of Walima. The party was great, a lot of known faces gathered there, many of those I haven't seen for a long time. Particularly our neighbours from Elephant Road, it was great to see them all together. Five of my friends from AUST Nobin, Pulak, Kanto, Rumman and Farhan went as well. We had a good time indeed.
So that leaves only one day for me to prepare for my Telecommunication Engineering exam. I tried, but I knew it wouldn't be enough to get anything respectable. Moreover, this time the question was prepared by Monzoor sir, and all the students knew it was gonna be a nightmare. Little did I know that it would be worse. When I saw the question next day, I felt as if I was looking at a question from a totally unknown course. Never did a see a set of questions I'm so unfamiliar with. Most of the examinees who studied all 3 days, were also shocked with the question, so it's pretty obvious that I would feel much more horrified as I couldn't study anymore than one full day. That day's exam was probably the worst exam I've ever attended (so far), and I'm actually not sure if I'll pass or not. May Allah save me.
Then it was back to the easy ways again. The last exam was scheduled for April 1 and I was able to prepare for it pretty well, and the exam went better than I expected. It was finally all over.
Those 9 days were few of the most mentally straining days I've had to endure. When you take a lot of things and put them all in a blender, the juice that comes out doesn't necessarily taste good. I'm just glad it's down my throat. Thanks to Allah.


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