Exams Finally Rescheduled

Today's post could've been titled "Exams Finally Over", but instead it's what you've just read. After the exams got postponed following the clashes on our campus, our semester finals have been finally rescheduled to start on the 15th of March, one month after the original date. The painfull part is that the wedding of my bro will be between my exams, and the most difficult exam, that of Semiconductor Devices, is scheduled for the 25th, the day of my brother's wedding ceremony. How ironic is the fact that it's for my exams that my bro's wedding got dated this way, so that I can take part in the programs without any problem, otherwise it all could've been arranged last month. No complaints though, cuz I still believe that Allah is giving me whatever is best for me.


  1. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Now I see why it takes so long to graduate from college in Bangladesh. Here in America the Education board would never allow this to happen.

  2. Actually I'm studying in private university, and the sessions never get delayed here. The time that has been lost will be recovered by cutting the semester break to a couple of weeks I guess, which otherwise would be for about a month. but the government universities here are severely hampered by student politics.


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