Lazy Days are Over

After a long break of one and a half month, the classes of the 3rd year 2nd semester have started from today. I have spent this break totally like a lazy boy, except for the 3 days I've spent on Allah's path. But yes, if you consider gaming to be work, then I was pretty damn busy! Last month after upgrading my PC, I've spent a hell lot of time in front of my monitor, and my fingers had started to give my pain because of excessive gaming. I've just played three games though, but thoroughly. Recently I've been playing Pure, which is probably the most exciting and fun racing game I've ever played. What does it lack? Here you get to build and ride cool ATVs (quad bikes), ride them in blinding speed through jaw dropping beautiful natural tracks, make unbelievably high jumps, and get to pull off dozens of utterly insane and spectacular tricks while you're in the air! I've just finished the game today, but I'm still gonna play this for a long time I guess, cuz it's just great fun. If you're into gaming, you really should try it out, I bet you'll love it.
Damn, started writing about classes, got into gaming again, hehe. Anyway, I heard from a couple of boys from 4-1 today that 3-2 is gonna be pretty easy, and it is possible to get a good grade from this semester. So I pray to Allah that He helps me throughout this semester (as He has done so far) and also my friends.


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