Stuck in the curfew

There's been a great unrest throughout the country this past week. It all started with a simple feud between some students of the Dhaka University and some military personnel from the DU military camp. Students from all over the city, and then from all over the country got crazy and started raising hell all around the country, breaking cars, houses, literally doing whatever they want. It was a complete pandemonium. Most of these people were not students at all, these were political street thugs who finally had something to do after such a long time. So as the streets were getting out of control, the government ordered a curfew in six divisional cities of the country. That did the trick. The whole country was at a complete standstill.
Wednesday was the first day of curfew, and I went to the varsity to submit some papers. After I was done there I was going to my friend's place at Green Road, and on my way I saw that there was havoc on Farmgate, usually that's the place where I get my bus home. I thought I would go home from Dhanmondi, but when I got there I saw the whole street completely empty of vehicles and people walking. Some tires were being burned on Science Lab. I knew straight out that there was no chance of getting home that day. I went to Mu's (my aunt) house and stayed put. Meanwhile my bro was also stuck in Rifles Square. I called him and he also joined me at my aunt's place. Curfew was announced later that day, and we were stuck. The stay was pretty good actually, my aunt Mu did her best to make it feel like home.
Next day the curfew was eased for three hours and mom came with our car to 'rescue' us. We were home in time for Asr prayer. A different experience for me it was. It wasn't bad, but different. Well, you need those in life, right?


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