How NOT to react to a different perspective

 How should you react if your perspective is challenged?

There is no doubt that generative AI models are hampering the development of original content. Previously aspiring writers had to spend days to read and study a particular writing style and then try to implement that tone into their own writing. Now they can simply paste a sample text and ask GPT models to write something for them in similar tone and language. This threat to original writing content is simply common sense and is quite naturally acknowledged even by AI developers.

This should be quite easy to acknowledge, right?

Well today I came across a profile who claims to 'help people become efficient academic writers with the help of AI'. Ok so far.

But in one post he said the following:

"A lot of folks think ChatGPT will kill original writing.

Apps like ChatGPT will make original writing insanely profitable.

The better writer you are, the better instructions you will be able to write for customizing chatbots.

The better you customize chatbots the more money you make."

Quite astonishing! In the beginning of the post he's talking about people worried about chatgpt killing 'original writing', but later he tries to debunk that threat by saying you can actually use your writing skills to instruct gpt to make better chatbots, which makes more money!

So this guy is equating original writing (pouring hours into constructing your sentences, paragraphs, tones etc. to come up with original literary, creative or academic writing) with 'writing' to instruct gpt to make better chatbots to make money. How can that even make sense?

The story doesn't end there. I politely brought his attention to the difference between original writing, and writing chatgpt prompts. Just a few hours later when I checked back, I found that he silently removed my comment 🤣😂.

Don't get me wrong. Someone can build a business around helping people learn GPTs for academic purpose. But mixing up original writing with writing prompts for the sake of promoting your own courses is definitely wrong. Moreover, when someone actually presents a different perspective, it's better to try to learn from that viewpoint rather than shutting it down.

Here's hoping for more maturity and ethical practice in professionals. Including myself.


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